How-To Make Easier Your Startup´s Life

Starting a new business can be tricky, here are some tricks that seek to make your adventure more bearable. 

How-To Make Easier Your Startup´s Life

Get clients before seeking funding

When our own resources are insufficient to fund our startup, there are ways in which we can get those resources, for example, Friends and Family, Angel Investors, Seed Funding FirmsVenture Capital Funds, and Business loans.

However, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of looking for funding without having a single customer. Sometimes, there are business plans that are lucky enough to obtain financing, although nowadays it is almost impossible to obtain funds, from third parties, if the company does not have a track record. Furthermore, considering that our customers allow us to pay the funds acquired, it is essential to count on a clientele before your hurl for external financing.

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Launch simpler products

Products are better if they evolve with the needs and use of your customers. Many companies invest significant time and money developing thousands of features for their products and services, and in the end have to remove them, because they do not generate the expected benefits. In businesses, less is more. It is better to be recognized by little well done than by many bad things. So focus on what is different about your company and how you can create value for your customers.

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Learn to manage your time

This will allow you not only to be more productive and effective at work but also to enjoy your life ( I recommend this post: Time Management Tips). For any startup, it is crucial to meet potential clients. Nevertheless, you must learn to filter clients by potential business closure and turnover. Avoid unnecessary meetings, those which make you or other people lose time. Use the phone whenever you can and avoid wasting time going to another office.

Do not rush to hire

Many startups which want to grow rush to hire new staff. However, although the company has the resources to pay for the increase in payroll, they underestimate the time required for managing, training, and motivating people. When you are starting a business, not everything is clear, and under these conditions, your leadership will be ineffective.

Before hiring someone, set your goals, and see if the new workloads can be assumed by current employees without this being reflected in the company's performance in critical areas. If it is determined that another person is needed, set how she/he will contribute to your goals and how to guide her/him. Note: Your business is just starting, and you must avoid unnecessary costs, for example, creates a scalable business model that allows you not to rely on a large number of commercials.

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