2 Restaurant Tricks that Will Boost your Business Sales

These are some of the tricks used by the best restaurants for you to spend more and how to apply them to increase the sales of your business.
Restaurant, Paris - La fermette Marbeuf - Restaurant selling tips

In many kinds of businesses, employees do not have the opportunity to interact and meet customers like those working in a restaurant. The fact that the customers are served within the company, allows owners to have the capacity to interact with their clients, understand their behavior, and develop little tricks that can increase their sales and those of many other types of businesses.

1. Draw attention to the product, not to its price

Think about what you do when you go to a restaurant for the first time. If you do not know the dishes on the menu, and no matter how money affects your decision, you start comparing prices between products to see, which seems to be the better deal. The restaurants have started using these two methods to get people to focus more on the product than the price:

Get rid of the $ signs

In the minds of clients, the dollar signs are linked to money, therefore the dollar sign before the price may ward off customers from expensive products or services. In a certain taking way, this symbol eases the psychological effect of money on buyers. The reason why, from diners to high-end restaurants, it's the rule of thumb to leave the dollar signs out.

Use flowery descriptions for your products and services

How many times have you gone to a restaurant where the wide variety of dishes whose name does not tell you anything, hinders your ability to choose a dish. Forcing you to ignore all those dishes you might like because you're not sure what they are. Then you either order a dish you already know, or you end up basing your decision on its price.

The solution is simple, what you should do is delight customers with what the product is and distract them from focusing on the price. Therefore, by using short, flowerily and convincing descriptions you can focus customers´ attention on the dish causing customers to put aside the price which can lead to customers paying $ 20 for a salad, without feeling bad about it (of course if the product meets the expectations generated by its description).

2. Set the right mood

Several studies demonstrate the effects that music has on our behavior patterns. As described in this post ¨ Benefits of Listening to Music at Work ¨ music can help reduce stress, establish a rhythm of work, and increase our productivity, among others. Likewise, music can help increase the sales of your business.

Although music has a psychological effect on people, we should use it correctly in our favor. A study from Loyola University estimated restaurants and stores that played slow music saw a 38 percent increase in sales over stores that played loud or fast music. The fact that the music is swift and strong accelerates the way people act and take decisions about whether, to be excited about buying something or not, in the absence of many positive factors that make the decision obvious; the decision will tend to be negative.

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