How-to Choose the Right Internet Security for Your Business

Business security used to be about getting a good security alarm system for your premises and making sure that your stock was secure. Today, however, just as big a threat to the security and integrity of your business comes via the internet.

How-to Choose the Right Internet Security for Your Business

Physical security is still important but a breach of your internet security could mean the loss of vital information about your customers and possible infiltration of your business information by other people who will use it fraudulently.

In order to protect your business, you should make the installation of antivirus software a priority. If you don’t have any installed, you should take half an hour right now and get it sorted out. Even if you want to spend time researching the best internet security suite for your business, in the meantime you should download one of the free trial versions to protect your data and systems straight away.
Why the urgency? People are online all the time and every business now relies on the internet for communication with their clients and other businesses. Hackers realize this, so release more viruses and Trojans onto the internet every day in the hope that they will be able to infiltrate an unprotected system.

While you investigate which internet security suite to choose, you should download a trial version in the meantime to give you temporary cover. Kaspersky offers trial versions of all its products, which gives you the chance to try out the software and experience how it works.

You’ll need separate antivirus software for Macs and Windows, and if you have smartphones that are used for business, then these need antivirus software as well. Kaspersky mobile antivirus is available for all types of phone models and different operating systems.

There are certain features that you should make sure are included on any internet security suite that you consider purchasing. These include:

  • Keylogger protection. Malware called keyloggers can record keystroke activity on a keyboard. This allows hackers to get hold of secure information like banking codes, credit card details, etc. 
  • Adware protection. Adware usually gets installed on your computer when you download new software. Adware can be in the form of toolbars and popups as well as shortcuts. It can interfere with the speed of your computer and be irritating to work around. Adware protection will block adware from clogging up your pc. 
  • Spyware protection. Spyware is a more insidious version of adware. With spyware, your browsing habits and purchases can be monitored. Spyware stores your personal information which can be used for market research but can also be used for identity theft. 
  • Rootkit protection. One thing that you don’t want to infect your PC is a rootkit. This is malware that can be virtually invisible once on your pc and often needs specialist software to get rid of it. Sometimes the only way around the rootkit is to erase the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. 
  • Removable media protection. As well as your internet connecting devices, hackers’ viruses can also damage and infiltrate things like a USB stick or portable hard drive plugged into your pc. A good internet security suite will scan removable media for threats. 
  • Custom scans. It can be useful to be able to choose which files or groups of files are scanned by your antivirus software, rather than letting the whole hard drive be scanned every time. Custom scans are available on most antivirus software subscriptions. 

Most of the main providers of internet security will offer these features and more. Check the details before you sign up for a particular subscription and check with your business networks as to which brand others find most reliable and user-friendly.

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