How to Give Away "FREE" Stuff To Build Your Business

Let's face it people love free stuff and here is how to do it effectively without hurting your business.

How To Give Away

There are a lot of discussions about whether you should or not give away free stuff. However, let's face it, people love free stuff, especially on social media, and that's why this strategy is really effective to increase interest in your business and promote your services, products, and talents. Even though, if poorly applied it can hurt your business, and that is why today I want to show you how to do it effectively. If you want that this free stuff helps you to build your business, it should allow you to:

1. Make them want more

You do not only want them to get a little taste of your product but to desire it and want more; you want them to feel that desired-based tension. Let's think about a date, there is a girl who is really interested in the guy she is going out with. If she uses this strategy during the first date, she will give this guy just a little taste of the full experience. If she did things right, she created that desire that will make him want to call her back, as he needs more.

It's really important that you know, which are your intentions with the product or service you're giving for free. For example, if you intend to give software, for free, and then ask people to pay for it, they will just feel offended. Why pay for something they got before for free? In this particular case, my advice will be to use trial periods, and various versions of the product (Free / Paid) with different features.

2. Inspire

If you can prove to people that right now there are tools, methodologies, techniques, products, services, and strategies that will help them to accomplish a goal that they previously thought they could not achieve, you will make them want to find out more about the ways to do it. Therefore, they will have that need, to fulfill this desire and if your product or services can help them reach that goal; they will go to you. Nevertheless, please be honest about it, and don't make any false statements about things you will not be able to provide them, this will definitely harm your image, credibility, and business.

3. Make them realize they need you

Finally, you must not only show them that they can achieve their desired outcome, but that they need you to do so. Do not give the impression that they can meet these goals on their own. Give them some hints on how to get there, but don't show them the path. As they face obstacles their way, they will understand the challenges and their need for more information and tools, and then they will come back to you.

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