Why New Grads Should Work For a Startup

The main reasons and benefits why new grads should consider working for a startup.

Why New Grads Should Work For a Startup

Whether you are about to graduate from college, or you already have, chances are that you are thinking seriously about your future, and weighing your options for employment. The goal of all college students is to be employed as quickly as possible, but in many cases, this can’t happen. Many young people seek the instant security of a well-defined industry such as banking or consulting, but for others, these career paths simply don’t offer them what they want out of life.

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While the goals of previous generations were to get a job as soon as possible, what sets Millennials apart is that they really want to make a difference in the world, and they are willing to take risks in order to do so. In a recent study done by Forbes, 64% of Millennials polled said that making the world a better place is a priority. This study also found that most of them want flexible work schedules and a collaborative work culture that allows them to integrate their own lives into their work. If you look at the direction that labor in this country is moving towards, it is easy to see that these young people are simply trying to adjust to a changing world of employment.

Gone are the days of the standard 9-5 job. Building your career around one marketable skill just won’t work anymore, as the average American citizen now must prepare themselves for an average of 7-10 different jobs during their lifetime. If you’re like many of these Millennials, it will be important to consider a career that not only gives you skills in several areas but also allows you the freedom you desire and the opportunity to have a real effect on the world.

Thankfully, there are many entrepreneurial opportunities out there in the form of startups. If you know where to look, you might just find yourself in a meaningful position that will have a profound effect on your career and your life.

1. Gain valuable skills while making a difference

Although it might seem like a startup would be a bad place to start a career, the truth is that these small businesses can help you to refine your skills in the workplace as you do something important with your time. These young companies shape the hopes and dreams of America, and they also often change the way that business is done by restructuring the workplace.

In some cases, each worker is given the opportunity to become their own boss -- or there simply isn’t anyone boss in the company. The video game company Valve Software has made a name for itself by crafting an employee handbook that dictates that there are no managers or bosses at all. Several young businesses are taking very similar approaches, giving more responsibility to each employee.

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With more responsibilities and a considerably more collaborative style of work, startups offer new college grads the opportunity to learn more than one skill as they receive hands-on experience in collaboration with other employees. This kind of work experience is incredibly valuable to employers, even if your startup fails, you will have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time that it will ultimately benefit your future endeavors.

2. Take a chance on the unfamiliar

Perhaps startups aren’t the most secure businesses out there, but that doesn’t mean there is no reason to consider them when looking for employment. Whether they take off like a rocket or simply serve as a stepping stone for your life’s work, starting off at an innovative small business can change the way you think about your career.

In addition to the valuable life experience you could gain, working for a startup affords you the opportunity to truly have an impact on the world and in your place of business. In a typical job, you’re just going to be another cog in the wheel who is rarely given the chance to excel. However, when it comes to these innovative young businesses, they often give employees the chance to shine and come up with as many new ideas as possible.

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Startups encourage their employees to collaborate, be their own bosses and set their own schedules; they give young graduates the opportunity to start their careers off by trying to make a difference in the world. If you’re looking for a good place to start your life that will benefit your future work experience, perhaps it is time to consider a startup.

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