How to Make Your Employees Care About Your Company

There is no reason for your employees to care about your business if you do not care about them.

How-to Make Your Employees Care About Your Business

Many growing businesses and established companies experience, at some point, working with employees who do not care about their companies. These organizations feel they got no employees willing to run the extra mile that the company requires to achieve its goals. This phenomenon is very common, and despite what business owners want to believe this is caused by shortcomings in the leadership of the organization. 

Moreover, often companies forget that their employees are a big part of their success. Therefore, why should your employees care, if it is your win, not theirs?

The main reason why your employees lose their motivation and don't care is that you have not given them anything to care about. In the end, why should they care if the company increases its income if the new products are successful if they do not get any benefit from it? As noted by Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace,"[You] can't expect your employees to get excited over the paycheck, either, or even the modest bonus plan. We can't expect them to perk up because their manager gives them a goal to hit. That's fear-based management, and it's never motivated anybody to do anything other than grudgingly comply with a supervisor's command." 

Pay and Benefits are both important and expected. Employees want to work for someone who cares about them as people, not as employees, and make them feel they belong to a team, which pursues a higher purpose, and where their work and ideas are key to the success of the company. In other words, they want to do meaningful work.

How to make your employees care?

1. Stop telling what to do, and ask what to do

When you ask people, you learn about a situation before expressing an opinion or issuing an order. It allows you to be able to capture the exact information you need to perform your job without making unfortunate mistakes. At the same time, it shows your employees you trust them. Read More.

2. Show them the big picture

For an employee, the most powerful and sustainable motivator is the sense of meaning derived from work. Employees find meaning in their work once they understand the big picture, and how their work makes a difference. There’s a well-known phrase attributed to Constantin Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom.” In other words, everyone is part of the final product. You need to find ways to show employees at every level how their work has an impact on the overall company. Read More.

3. Help them keep their daily efforts on track

Despite understanding how their job impacts the overall objectives of the company; employees can lose their focus on the day-to-day operations, and forget why they are there. Help them remember it. As noted by Luis Efron, while talking about a maternity ward in Arizona, not all companies can play a lullaby in the hallways every time a baby is born. 

However, there are other ways to show employees that each day the organization accomplished something, and is getting closer to its goals. E.g. notifying the whole organization whenever a new customer deal is closed, or when you make significant progress towards the goals of the company or department. Moreover, the company's intranet can be very useful to show employees the situation of the company. It can be used to display how the company advances in its production, sales, and goals.

4. Show them you care

Companies that care about their employees not only trust, listen to, and respect them, but they also acknowledge their achievements, give on-time feedback, and are flexible in order to provide their employee's work-life balance. In order to achieve this you need to understand what really matters to your employees. Many companies invest heavily in perks that employees do not care about. When rewards such as a half-day off or the ability to have some flexibility in work time, would be more powerful motivators. Moreover, businesses today need to stop looking for better ways to extract more value from their employees and focus on how to make their employees more valuable each day. Investing in employees' development, not only increases the productivity of the company but also decreases turnover. Read More.

Be a company that has a positive social impact Employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they are able to help others. According to a study by Net Impact, employees who feel they have “impact” jobs were two times more satisfied at work. Moreover, The 2011 Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT survey found that those employees who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their careers.

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