5 Tips to Boost Your Career Development

Getting our hierarchy and company to understand the value of our work and how we make a difference, is key to our career development.
5 Tips to Boost Your Career Development

Figure out what your boss actually wants

Our work is best valued by our hierarchy if it meets or exceeds what is expected of us. However, the only way you can accomplish this is by understanding your boss. How does he or she evaluate your work? What does he or she care about? What are his or her expectations about you? Put aside assumptions and determine the profile of your boss as a leader. These questions will help you to do so: Does he or she prefer the big picture or details? How does he or she communicate? Is he or she sociable or not? Is he or she a perfectionist or good enough is good enough? Is he or she emotional or not? Is he or she processed or results oriented? If it's the first time you work for him or her, and you fail to obtain this information directly by talking to your boss, try to ask people who have already worked with him or her, or know him or her. By doing this you will make sure your work performance and accomplishments are visible to your boss.

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Show Accountability

Managers seek employees they can trust to deliver what is committed, accurately, and on time; They got more to do than ensure their work gets done. So focus on not being an additional burden, on the contrary, make sure that you are efficient in tasks that will help your manager the most. Learn to take risks and step outside your job role, if you need to, in order to fulfill your commitments. Take responsibility for your failures as much as you would for your successes.

Be prepared and stay current

An employee who stays abreast of his or her position and industry shows dedication, self-motivation, and confidence; three key factors in getting a promotion. Explaining new concepts to employees takes time from managers, reason why, employees who can jump into what needs to be done, without any explanations, are easily differentiated within a company and win the favoritism of managers. You must keep your skill set up to date, and stay abreast of the news, and recent technologies and trends. Staying current allows you to be flexible to change, react better against adversity, and find growth opportunities for your business.

Work smarter, no longer

In contrast to what some may believe, working late doesn't show dedication, but inefficiency. When assigning tasks of higher responsibility managers look for employees who continually demonstrate to do things right and in less time than others, and can also take on these new responsibilities without neglecting their previous ones.

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Network internally

Do not underestimate the impact of your network on your ability to get a promotion, a raise or even get hired. According to Sharon Ferrier, an employee is rarely promoted just for doing their job. They need to be noticed, too. Work on becoming a powerful and clear communicator with exceptional listening skills, as it will help you gain the respect of your superiors and colleagues. When you are networking within the company, keep in mind that you are not looking for everyone to know your name, but to acknowledge you for the right reasons, those that can help you get that promotion. Let others know about your work and how you make a difference. You can also use your network to identify a well-regarded senior person at work from whom to seek career advice and mentorship.

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