Every Employee Is Part Of Your Marketing Department

Marketing today goes beyond the marketing department. Every employee fortifies the company's ability to spread its message and captivate target customers.
every employee is a marketer

Companies spent a lot of time, money, and effort on getting their story to their target customers, to encourage them to take an action. Nevertheless, they fail to convert potential customers, into sales.

Unfortunately, for companies investing in customer acquisition is highly expensive, in terms of time and money. By running the internet, social media and public relations campaigns, and so on, companies are capable of increasing their visibility, and it is very likely that sales opportunities are coming through the front door. However, being able to attract customers is not enough to make sales.

Nowadays, marketing is about spreading the message of a company so that this can reach the ears, eyes, and hearts of target customers. According to Seth Godin, marketing is primarily about telling stories and spreading ideas. Under this approach, every employee and manager strengthens the marketing department. Therefore, starting with the guard of the company, until the CFO, they all are part of the company's story, thus their actions impact the capability of the business to build confidence and engage customers, in order to turn them into paying customers. Seen in this light, the marketing department is not the only one responsible for the marketing of the company, just as the sales fall not only the sales department.

The high costs of marketing a company are often reflected in the time and money spent getting the wrong message to the wrong people. Because companies focus their marketing efforts on the wrong people when they should target those in their own backyard.

If many employees are there to collect a paycheck, at least they must understand where it comes from (Customers). Therefore, the main goal of their work is to help the company to get more customers, no matter to which department or division they belong. Thus, managers must ensure all employees engage with the company's message and help the business to fulfill their promises to customers.

Your employees need to understand their place in the big picture, and how their actions directly impact, whether a prospect will Buy from you, Buy Again, and then refer you/ Tell Their Friends, which is known as the Profit Growth formula: PG = B + BA + TTF.

So focus on that every employee one of your brand evangelists, as they understand that the responsibility of the marketing of the company goes beyond the marketing department. And every time they speak without passion to friends or family; about their job or company, they may be turning away customers who are the main reasons why they even got a job.

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