How-to Develop Your Network To Grow Your Business

Several successful entrepreneurs agree that the growth of a company is related to the growth of its network; who you know, who they know, and the reputation you build over time.

How to Develop Your Network To Grow Your Business

Ever heard of the theory of 6 degrees of separation, no? Then It's too late. Recent studies have shown that thanks to social networks, there are not 6 but 3 people between you and anyone else in the world! Clearly, an efficiently developed social network generates a positive impact on growth opportunities across our businesses.

In order to network you need a: 

1. Goal

What is your purpose? Is it contacting new customers? increasing your company's reputation? attracting investors? finding business opportunities?

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2. Plan 

Which is your strategy? Establish how, when, where, and, which means you will use to reach your network and meet new people? Prepare for the events you want to attend and the social networks in which you will brand yourself.

3. Pitch

Be ready to sell your business to others at all times in a clear and simple way. Please note that sometimes 30 seconds could be the most you can get to convince a new customer or investor. A great pitch must answer the following questions: What do you do, What problem do you solve, How is your product or service different, and Why should someone care?

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Networking is all about people. That's why it is extremely important to work on ourselves and our attitude toward our social network to get the most out of it.

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To be great at networking you must be:

  1. Helpful: The more you give the more you will get; It's all about reciprocity. Find out the needs of your network, what can you do for them, and do all you can to help them. If you help people, they will remember you, and you will be present in their minds, which can be translated into referrals to you or your business.
  2. Grateful: "Push and pull" are not the only two words that will open many doors in your life, a simple "Thank you" will do the work as well. When you show appreciation for what people do for you, the more likely they will do it again. Therefore, be grateful for those you meet through networking and those who have assisted you or your company.
  3. Friendly: When you are networking is not all about you, so whenever you meet someone is more interested in the person you are meeting than yourself. Learning more about them the easier it will be to offer your help and establish a second contact. Remember never to feel inferior to the people you're talking to, as you are proving that you deserve to be part of his or her network because as much as you have to gain, you have to share.
  4. Communicative: networking is not all about chasing people. You need to work and let your current network know what you are working on. Share your knowledge, and educate people about your passion, industry, projects, and company. The more they know, the more they will be able to tell others about your business. Take a minute or 2 to make a call or send an e-mail to someone you haven't been in touch with recently; you got to let your network know you care about them.
  5. Social: Use social networks to keep in touch with people you know online and offline. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, among others, are great places to build your personal brand. Find out who is influential in your industry and how you can reach them. Remember you are 3 people away from someone who could be a great asset for you. beware of what your share on social media your personal brand is your business. Attend industry events and parties. Please note: many businesses are not closed in an office.

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