A Lesson in Resource Optimization in Times of Crisis

Not always the most logical and obvious way to use our resources is the most effective. The answer to our need for innovation and growth lies in knowing ourselves (our business) and the environment (our niche and industry).
bottlenose mud-ring strategy

By knowing yourself, and your company, you are able to establish the company's purpose, which gives employees an adequate framework in which to work and focus their efforts, by helping them to rule out actions that will not contribute to meeting established goals. Therefore, both the company and its employees are more effective. It also allows us to know our strengths and, most importantly, our weaknesses, which can be turned into opportunities.

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Knowing who we are, does not always generate innovation, despite being a good start. Note that the information we have of ourselves does not necessarily reflect all the resources and limitations we have. Many times we have more resources than we know! They are out there, but we haven't learned how to use them.

Take the case of the Bottlenose dolphin, such as Flipper, one of the smartest animals in the world (Humans are the most intelligent beings on Earth, although in some cases is not so obvious). In the Atlantic, these mammals have been forced to look for food in new places. The pursuit of food has led them to shallow water, where both their speed and ability to move are limited. Moreover, if we consider that this animal feeds from very small, fast, and elusive fishes, the terrain, and lack of energy and nourishment put their survival in jeopardy. Therefore, developing a new method of hunting was crucial.

Now, see with your own eyes how these dolphins used their creativity to create an efficient hunting method, adapted to the new circumstances.

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