Dressed to Pitch: Guide for a Successful Business Pitch

 How you say who you are, says a lot of who you are. The same logic applies to companies. That's why your pitch plays a key role in your company's ability to attract new investors, consumers, and talent.

You must be prepared to answer questions like: Who are you and what do you do? at all times.

Why do you need a pitch? 

Simple, if you are prepared, you will be confident, and self-reliance has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. You will generate the impression of being professional, having a certain degree of skill and mastery in the subject, and being trustworthy.

What is the key to a great pitch? 

The shorter the better. It is a pitch! Your aim is not to seal the deal right there, but to generate a good first impression and interest in your business/idea, in order to get a second opportunity to explain everything in more detail. The pitch is not about how fantastic you are but about communicating who you are and who you help. Likewise, you will need to customize your pitch based on your audience. Finally, your pitch needs to be Creative, Memorable, and Substantial (CMS).

If you got 15 seconds to make a good impression, you must focus on Who, What, and How.

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do? The type of service, product, or specialty you provide.
  • How you can help them? Which is the worst or the most common problem you solve? In the end, your presentation will be something like this:
Hi I am ___ from_____. I provide / I help_________. Even if__________.

While networking...

  1. Keep a fair game: It's true it's not all about you, but some people once you ask them what they do won't stop talking, so you will need to link whatever he or she is saying to your business to keep control and make a conversation.
  2. Engage: this is the best way to call for action, reciting your pitch won't get you a deal while building a relationship might do the job. It's easier that way to let your network know who you will like to meet or which client you want to reach, etc. 
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While pitching to an investor focus on the business

  1. What problem do you solve? / Which is your market? How big it is? / Which is the opportunity?
  2. Which is your special sauce? / What makes you different from the competition? / Why you are the best?
  3. What do you need from them? How much money you will need? And when will they get it back?

Some other golden tips to make you great at pitching:

  1. Practice: the more you practice, the bigger your chances are of succeeding face to a golden opportunity. As well, it will allow you to time yourself and therefore, be able to adapt your speech to the current time and situation.
  2. Project your voice: It does not mean to scream, but the person you are talking to must be able to hear you clearly, and If you are too shy and talk with your teeth, you are losing time and an opportunity.
  3. Breathe before speaking: Sometimes if you are nervous, you exhale because you are not thinking. wrong! You need to be sure you will be able to go through your words without choking.
  4. Know your numbers: You must be capable of answering to any specific question, once you got the interest of someone you got to be able to solve their doubts.
  5. Be helpful: If you are trying to solve the problem of a customer from the beginning, it will be an asset. Finally, if you are able to give confidence and a good picture of your business, then you will be capable of convincing them of giving you a second meeting.

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